Navigating Refugee Resettlement

Apply for refugee status from within Canada, find out how to come to Canada as a refugee, sponsor a refugee or find refugee services in Canada.

Canadian government work to protect the integrity of Canada’s border and the security of the country while providing refuge to people in need of protection.

For asylum seekers: What you need to know?

Seeking asylum is not a shortcut to get around normal immigration rules and procedures.

There must be legitimate reasons why asylum is necessary or it won’t be granted. Canada respects its international obligations toward those who genuinely need help and protection. However, IRCC must also make sure that all laws are followed to protect the safety, security and health of Canadians.

Asylum claimants face a rigorous process to determine whether or not they have a legitimate claim according to Canadian and international laws. IRCC rules-based system will determine the validity of your claim. You’ll be removed from Canada if you don’t have a legitimate claim. To learn more about these requirements and how they can be met, we encourage you to fill out our Canada Assessment Form HERE to take advantage of our extensive experience and discuss your options with a registered qualified Canadian immigration consultant.

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